Who is MATE for?

MATE has two groups of beneficiaries

1) Pupils 

The MATE main aim is to create a free online education software for chess and cognitive training. This approach is based on a peer- review research indicating the positive impact of chess on the development in young people skill such as critical thinking, problem-solving, self-management. Our main beneficiaries and the main end users of the project outcome are therefore children age 10-13.

Their role was incorporated into the project design. During the project time frame, they will actively participate in research and evaluation activities planned under the project - mainly by conducting prepared chess and cognitive test and evaluating the work done in their project.

It is planned to involve about 700 pupils from primary schools in all partner countries: Poland, Spain and Lithuania (in total) during all phases of implementation of the project.

2) Teachers from primary schools

MATE is about producing a free and available on-line education tool for chess training. We believe that the greatest impact would be achieved by giving the tool directly to teachers. This is a way for incorporating the outcomes of the training into school programs. This will also support other initiatives that focus on introducing chess in primary education. The teacher involvement will be in the project.

They will be trained in using the development software and provide feedback as to its functioning. They will also participate in the assessment of the manual (instruction to the software), giving their opinion about its usability, relevance, user-friendliness, effectiveness, sustainability, adaptability and applicability.