The representatives of University La Laguna as a first partner of MATE project started organisation of workshops for teachers as an introduction to MATE project. Ms Lorena Garcia implemented numbers of training hours in order to prepare 27 teachers from 5 schools for initial testing phase of the MATE tool. During the meeting teachers as well as school representatives were informed about the aim of MATE project, the idea of the tool and how it will be implemented in schools during next school year 2018/2019.

Moreover after the initial training and dissemination of the MATE project in Bogota/Columbia around 10 teachers from two big public schools conducted initial testing phase as well with 150 students.

Testing in Tenerife

Within January – May period of 2018 experts from Vytautas Magnus University organised series of workshops for teachers and chess trainers in Lithuania as an introduction to implementation of MATE tool in Lithuanian schools. Over 60 teachers and chess trainers interested in the MATE project participated in workshops.


Photo: workshops in Lithuania


workshop lithuania

During last 2 months of school year 2017/2018 teachers, interested in MATE project had a chance to participate in the online introduction to the tool and testing cognitive and chess tests with their students.

Teachers from: Szkoły Podstawowej nr 3 w Parczewie, Szkoły Podstawowej w Jeleńskiej Hucie, Szkoły Podstawowej im. J.H. Andersena w Jawidzu, Szkoły Podstawowej w Mąchocicach Kapitulnych, Szkoły Podstawowej nr 1 w Białobrzegach, Szkoły Podstawowej nr 51 im. Jana Pawła II w Lublinie, Szkoły Podstawowej Nr 14 Specjalna im. Karola Wojtyły - papieża Polaka w Kielcach, Zespółu Szkół Ogólnokształcących nr6 w Lublinie, Samorządowa Szkoły Podstawowej im Wojska Polskiego w Wodzislawiu, Zespółu Placówek Oświatowych im. Marii Skłodowskiej - Curie w Trawnikach, Szkoły Podstawowej im Jana Pawła II w Trzygłowie, Szkoły Podstawowej Dywizjonu 303 w Leszkowicach, Szkoły Podstawowej w Brzezinach, Szkoły Podstawowej im. ks. Jana Twardowskiego w Zemborzycach Tereszyńskich, Szkoły Podstawowej nr 5 w Siedlcach, Szkoły Podstawowej w Kołczynie, Szkoły Podstawowej z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi Nr 6 w Siedlcach, Szkoły Podstawowej w Jaślikowie, Samorządowa Szkoły Podstawowej im Wojska Polskiego w Wodzislawiu, Szkoły Podstawowej w Grodzisku, Szkoły Podstawowej nr5 w Dębicy have coordinated students’ participation in initial testing phase and conducted surveys needed to evaluate this part of the project.

MATE Consortium invites schools, teachers and chess trainers to participate in the testing of the tool on which the team from Poland, Spain and Lithuania is working.

Benefits for schools and teachers:


What is more participation in the MATE project gives many possibilities for teachers: support in conducting classes using the on-line tool as well as teachers’ support in the process of professional development. Therefore, teachers participating in the project have the opportunity to cooperate with international experts in developing scenarios of subject activities that will include chess and cognitive trainings.

This cooperation will be confirmed by an appropriate certificate of participation in substantive work and the developed scenarios will be implemented by teachers from partner countries: Poland, Spain and Lithuania.

Teachers interested in increasing their activity, international cooperation, development and co-creation of didactic materials, please contact project team.