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On 25thof April 2018 in G2A Arena, Centrum Wystawienniczo-Kongresowym Województwa Podkarpackiego the Ist International Educational Congress: IT and Chess took place. MATE experts: Jan Przewoźnik and Robert Porzak  presented project MATE - it’s aims and achievements during this event. The lectures and presentations were accompanied by a chess tournament, on behalf of over 600 school attendees. Among the invited guests and listeners of the congress presentations were: directors of education departments with the Ministry of Education, curator and director of the Teachers' Training Center from the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, school heads and chess teachers in schools, as well as Krzysztof Góra, vice-president of PZSzach implementing the project Education through Chess at Schools.

In the context of the big educational project introducing chess at schools in different public schools in Bogota which is a cooperation between the Secretary of Education of Bogota, the Foundation “Bolivar Davivienda” and “Ajedrez en el Aula” from the hand of Adriana Salazar Moises Betancort was invited for collecting data using test tool develop under our project in 200 children of schools in Bogota. At the same time the Secretary of Education of Bogota invited him for a conferences entitle “Chess and Cognition” for an audice of teachers that will take part on this big cooperative project “Chess at Schools”. Moises Betancort whish is member of our MATE team presented the advance in the research in the field of chess, cognition and neuroscience and finally during one hour present the tool developed in our project to measure chess, cognitive skills. At the end of the conference Moises Betancort was interviewed by the educational channel of Secretary of Education of Bogota and a newspaper article that will be published in the next weeks.

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news tests BOGOTA IV 2018

On the 20-21st of June University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin hosted around 50 participants of 1st Chess Tournament within MATE project. Pupils from primary and secondary schools had the opportunity to win awards and diplomas as well as receive chess category (IV or V) and participate in the online game with Jakub Chyży - winner of National Junior Championships in 2015.

Congratulations for the WINNERS !

Photos on the website of University:

On 26-27 of June 2018 MATE partners met in Alicante in order to discuss the stage of implementation of project activities. The meeting was organised by University of Alicante in t he historic building of the university in the city centre. Partners decided to meet before the summer time to summarize works related to the cooperation with schools and establish task plan for next months to have the tool ready for teachers and students before the new school year. During 2 days meeting they discussed: technical design of the tool, training activities to be implemented in schools in Poland, Spain and Lithuania, results of testing phase as well as project management, dissemination and quality procedures.

Participants: Manuel Lillo-Crespo, Rosario Ferrer Cascales, Natalia Albaladejo Blázquez, Manuel Fernández Alcántara, Miriam Sánchez-SanSegundo, Maria José Cabañero, Mar Forner, Juan Carlos Ivorra Bernabeu, Diana Gil, Luis Campos – chess trainer, Edgaras Ščiglinskas, Moisés Betancort, Lorena García, Monika Baryła-Matejczuk, Magda Janiak.

4th meeting Alicante

On the 30th and 31st of January, the 3rd MATE Project Meeting took place in Kaunas (Lithuania) under the organization of the Lithuanian Team. During the meeting sessions, the following key points were developed:

 The first day was dedicated exclusively to treat those aspects of the MATE tool development that the Lithuanian colleagues are still designing. Lithuanian colleagues introduced the tasks and work done and the rest of partners did their feedback and exposed their suggestions and improvements on the draft tool.

 The second day was focused on discussing about the recruitment of teachers and students participating at each School in each country. It is still pending the date of the next project meeting in Alicante (Spain) due to the delays on the tool development. Regarding Project’s Dissemination, a discussion took place about developing diplomas for the children participating as well as a posters for the participating schools and also a certificate for the teachers involved. The MATE flyer is nearly finished and soon will be used by partners in their own languages. Partners also reviewed the tasks of the different work packages or intellectual outputs. As a reminder, it was emphasized the total sample of students (120) as it is said in the QMP as well as 30 participating teachers.


The second project meeting took place at the University of La Laguna, in Tenerife (Spain) during the 7th and 8th of September.

During the meetings partners discussed the most important activities related to each Intellectual Outcome as well as tasks related to project management.

Firstly the WMU team (Dr. Judita Kasperiuniene) exposed the quality plan and all the main indicators were discussed and modified, as well as the current computer tests development situation (which were analyzed in the Second Day). Later the WSEI team (Dr. Robert Porzak and Dr. Monika Baryła-Matejczuk) presented the promising chess stimuli application initial data that will be part of the MATE outcomes. The ULL team (Dr. Moisés Bethancort, Dr. Ramón Aciego and Lorena García) showed the initial computing task piloting, as well as some aspects related to the professors recruitment and their training. Through several videos we were able to know their chess work performed by this team in the Canary Islands. During the afternoon we participated in a roundtable at the School Council of Canarias presided by Dr. Ramón Aciego where he presented the MATE project to different educational community of the region members.

Finally, we made a visit through the main monuments and architectural buildings of La Laguna guided by Professor Luis Balbuena.

During the second day, the UA team (Dr. Manuel Fernandez and Dr. Mª José Cabañero) reviewed the dissemination activities carried out to date and discussed future tasks, as well as the children training material. Also, Magda Janiak (WSEI team Project Manager) made an exhibition on great relevance issues, regarding the MATE Project management. The meeting ended with a guided tour of the ULL NEUROCOG Research Center by Dr. Manuel de Vega.

Manuel Fernández and Mª José Cabañero

2nd meetings

The first face-to-face meeting of the MATE project took place in the city of Lublin (Poland) during December 2017. The objectives of the meeting were:

  • Presentation of the partner’s countries participating in the project.
  • Explanation of the areas of interest and role assigned to each partner country.
  • Explanation of the project MATE (University of Lublin), leaders of the project.
  • Presentation of the theoretical and empirical assumptions of the MATE project.
  • Role of the different partner countries.
  • Presentation of proposals for dissemination (University of Alicante, Spain)
  • Evaluation tools.
  • Guided visit to the laboratories of psychophysiological evaluation in Lublin(Poland)
  • Research lines underway on cognitive improvements associated with training in chess (University of La Laguna, Spain).
  • Initial quality plan and continuous evaluation of the MATE project (University of Lithuania).
  • Channels of communication through Project (Skype and Freedcamp).






MATE consortium would like to present final results of the project!

The 3-year work of experts from Poland, Spain and Lithuania resulted in the creation of an online tool - available in all languages ​​of the partnership. The tool (online game) has been tested by a group of approximately 1,000 students from 3 countries. During the project implementation, a total of 3,000 students and 95 teachers from 3 countries used the tool. In addition a test group of students playing chess from primary schools in Bogota (Colombia) took part in the project.

Textbooks and a set of additional materials - guides and scenarios supporting the work of teachers are available on the project website: in the "Resources" section.

The application for access to the tool can be downloaded here:

During the last month of the MATE implementation national conference was organised by WSEI – Leader of the Project at the University’s headquarter. The conference was a summary of the 3 hard years of the project implementation and building online tool by experts from Spain, Lithuania and Poland.
The event was combined with a computer workshops for all teachers interested in using the MATE games in new school year 2019-2020. The meeting was attended by: Authorities of the University, representatives of the Municipality of Lublin as well as Directors and teaching staff of primary schools from Lublin.

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The University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin invites primary schools, chess clubs as well as teachers and chess experts to participate in testing modular free software, supporting cognitive and chess skills of primary schools students. The tool was developed by experts, researchers from universities from Spain, Lithuania and Poland.

All schools and institutions cooperating with partner organizations will be able to use the tool freely and free in the next academic year.

Benefits for schools and teachers:

The project offers various types of cooperation opportunities for teachers. They concern both the support of schools in conducting classes using the on-line tool as well as teacher support in the process of professional development. Therefore, teachers participating in the project have the opportunity to cooperate with experts in developing scenarios of subject activities that will include chess and cognitive trainings.

This cooperation will be confirmed by an appropriate certificate of participation in substantive work, and the developed original materials will be implemented by teachers from partner countries: Spain and Lithuania.

If you are interested, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The representatives of University La Laguna as a first partner of MATE project started organisation of workshops for teachers as an introduction to MATE project. Ms Lorena Garcia implemented numbers of training hours in order to prepare 27 teachers from 5 schools for initial testing phase of the MATE tool. During the meeting teachers as well as school representatives were informed about the aim of MATE project, the idea of the tool and how it will be implemented in schools during next school year 2018/2019.

Moreover after the initial training and dissemination of the MATE project in Bogota/Columbia around 10 teachers from two big public schools conducted initial testing phase as well with 150 students.

Testing in Tenerife

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