On the 30th and 31st of January, the 3rd MATE Project Meeting took place in Kaunas (Lithuania) under the organization of the Lithuanian Team. During the meeting sessions, the following key points were developed:

 The first day was dedicated exclusively to treat those aspects of the MATE tool development that the Lithuanian colleagues are still designing. Lithuanian colleagues introduced the tasks and work done and the rest of partners did their feedback and exposed their suggestions and improvements on the draft tool.

 The second day was focused on discussing about the recruitment of teachers and students participating at each School in each country. It is still pending the date of the next project meeting in Alicante (Spain) due to the delays on the tool development. Regarding Project’s Dissemination, a discussion took place about developing diplomas for the children participating as well as a posters for the participating schools and also a certificate for the teachers involved. The MATE flyer is nearly finished and soon will be used by partners in their own languages. Partners also reviewed the tasks of the different work packages or intellectual outputs. As a reminder, it was emphasized the total sample of students (120) as it is said in the QMP as well as 30 participating teachers.