On 26-27 of June 2018 MATE partners met in Alicante in order to discuss the stage of implementation of project activities. The meeting was organised by University of Alicante in t he historic building of the university in the city centre. Partners decided to meet before the summer time to summarize works related to the cooperation with schools and establish task plan for next months to have the tool ready for teachers and students before the new school year. During 2 days meeting they discussed: technical design of the tool, training activities to be implemented in schools in Poland, Spain and Lithuania, results of testing phase as well as project management, dissemination and quality procedures.

Participants: Manuel Lillo-Crespo, Rosario Ferrer Cascales, Natalia Albaladejo Blázquez, Manuel Fernández Alcántara, Miriam Sánchez-SanSegundo, Maria José Cabañero, Mar Forner, Juan Carlos Ivorra Bernabeu, Diana Gil, Luis Campos – chess trainer, Edgaras Ščiglinskas, Moisés Betancort, Lorena García, Monika Baryła-Matejczuk, Magda Janiak.

4th meeting Alicante