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On 25thof April 2018 in G2A Arena, Centrum Wystawienniczo-Kongresowym Województwa Podkarpackiego the Ist International Educational Congress: IT and Chess took place. MATE experts: Jan Przewoźnik and Robert Porzak  presented project MATE - it’s aims and achievements during this event. The lectures and presentations were accompanied by a chess tournament, on behalf of over 600 school attendees. Among the invited guests and listeners of the congress presentations were: directors of education departments with the Ministry of Education, curator and director of the Teachers' Training Center from the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, school heads and chess teachers in schools, as well as Krzysztof Góra, vice-president of PZSzach implementing the project Education through Chess at Schools.

In the context of the big educational project introducing chess at schools in different public schools in Bogota which is a cooperation between the Secretary of Education of Bogota, the Foundation “Bolivar Davivienda” and “Ajedrez en el Aula” from the hand of Adriana Salazar Moises Betancort was invited for collecting data using test tool develop under our project in 200 children of schools in Bogota. At the same time the Secretary of Education of Bogota invited him for a conferences entitle “Chess and Cognition” for an audice of teachers that will take part on this big cooperative project “Chess at Schools”. Moises Betancort whish is member of our MATE team presented the advance in the research in the field of chess, cognition and neuroscience and finally during one hour present the tool developed in our project to measure chess, cognitive skills. At the end of the conference Moises Betancort was interviewed by the educational channel of Secretary of Education of Bogota and a newspaper article that will be published in the next weeks.

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On the 20-21st of June University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin hosted around 50 participants of 1st Chess Tournament within MATE project. Pupils from primary and secondary schools had the opportunity to win awards and diplomas as well as receive chess category (IV or V) and participate in the online game with Jakub Chyży - winner of National Junior Championships in 2015.

Congratulations for the WINNERS !

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